Here's your one-stop-shop for all of your pre-departure travel needs!


Maybe you misplaced our travel newsletter email or perhaps you just have more questions ... here is where you can find mos, if not all of the information you'll need before you travel!

Our Pre-Departure Process: Get Ready, Get Set ... Travel!

Our first phase ensures we start working on key logistics soon after you register -- we ensure your flight, visa, housing, and other important items are addressed first. If you have not yet, please fill out your application form -- as it is vital to this phase of travel!

This next phase will allow our team to understand more of your goals, interests, and needs as we put the finishing touches on your  program.  You will get highlights of typical MetaMovements activities to help you envision our trips to the island.

Join our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram to get a glimpse of what's in store!  You will have opportunities to go deeper into your understanding of Cuban Culture through events & media -- so that you can feel prepared to dive in when you arrive!

In the final weeks leading up to your trip, our correspondence will be more frequent and geared towards all those final details you need to know like packing, getting through the airport, and any major updates regarding your program on the ground. We will also organize a pre-departure meeting to prepare you for your trip and to answer your questions.

Documents & Guides

Packing List

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